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Scripts Medical Pharmacy
Travel Clinic

Travel abroad is great fun until you get sick.. Let us help prevent you from missing out on all the fun. We provide: prescriptions, vaccinations, medications, documentation and education on safe travel. We are your one stop travel clinic location.

We are a Yellow Fever Vaccine Center. We currently have yellow fever vaccine in stock!
Scripts Medical Pharmacy
Your Center for Biologic Therapy

Starting a new medication can be stressful, especially when that medication is an expensive biologic therapy. We can help you at every step along the way of your new therapy. We can provide extensive education, insurance coverage assistance, help with monitoring and can even deliver your medication right to your door.

Scripts Medical Pharmacy
Pharmacy Services

Scripts Medical Pharmacy is dedicated to your health. We want to be more than just your medication dispenser, we want to be a part of your comprehensive medical care team. To this end we have chosen to tailor what we do around what we feel our patients most benefit from.

Scripts Medical Pharmacy
Online Pharmacy

We know your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is wait at the pharmacy for your prescription. We offer online access to your prescriptions which you can easily see your medications, order refills and see when your prescription is ready. Combine that with our FREE delivery within Edmonton and you will never have to wait for your prescription again.

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